API & Platform Pricing

Developer Basic Plan


Integrate API into your workflow and pay only for analysis quota.


Pay-as-you-go pricing starting from:

0.05€ per 1 video minute per capability

0.80€ per 1000 images per capability

Bundle: 0.15€ per video minute incl. core capabilities

See supported capabilities

For more information and to activate Image API

Contact sales

Specialized recognition capabilities also available.

New: Emotional Analytics

Contact sales

Video Insight Tools Basic Plan


Monthly subscription to the Video Insight tools with analysis quota


199€ per month

10h monthly analysis quota for 2 users

(core capabilities only)

Drag & drop video upload

Interactive visual content reports

Compliance detection reports

Time-based metadata for easy editing

Scene-level searching to gather clips

Face recognition training

Download speech-to-text transcripts (.srt)

and more.

Free trial includes:

30 days access to platform

60 minutes of video analysis quota


Ideal for enterprises and larger teams


Contact sales for tailored solutions

Monthly/annual subscriptions

High volume pricing

Secure private sandbox deployment

Specialized recognition capabilities

Integrations to workflow systems

Custom and dedicated recognition models

User interface tool customizations


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How much does Video Recognition cost?

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Can I change the plan later?

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How can I cancel my plan?