Buy Analysis Quota


In order to analyze your videos, you need to have analysis quota. You can see your current quota by clicking your account menu at the top right corner of the page. Below you can inspect pricing and purchase more quota. You can purchase more quota in credit packages that are measured in minutes. By selecting one package, you can proceed to the purchase page. After purchase, you should see the quota appear immediately in your account menu.

Regular Use

Buy Analysis Quota in minute-based packages for Regular Use. The prices shown are without VAT. Select a package to continue. (Service description)

Analysis Quota is measured by the unit of video minutes that are consumed when you analyze videos. If you send 60 minute long video to Valossa Core API, you will consume 60 minutes of your Analysis Quota. (Each beginning minute is counted, so a video with a playback time of 39min 20s counts as 40 minutes.) You can buy credits in packages measured by the total hours you would like to analyze.

The more credits you buy at once, the cheaper is the unit price. Unit price is given as x EUR / one minute of video data.

Quota packages

All packages include:

  • Full Core analysis
  • Inspect your recognition results via Valossa Report, an interactive visualization tool in the Portal
  • Optional Auto-Refill feature
Package Total Price (EUR) Unit Price (EUR / video minute) Capacity (video time to analyze) Selected

Enterprise Use

Do you need guaranteed analysis capacity with specific throughput levels, for example, the possibility to analyze X hours per month with server hardware dedicated solely for you? Please contact us and ask about Enterprise Use. (Service description)