Image Recognition API


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Real-time Stream Monitoring API


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Video Recognition API

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Product Characteristics

File-based / Real-time File-based Real-time File-based
Billing Pay-as-you-go Subscription Pay-as-you-go / Subscription
Starting from 0.8€ per 1000 ops 0.08€ per min or fixed monthly rate

Supported Recognition Capabilities

Face detection & recognition
Visual tags
Video content compliance / Image moderation
Color analysis  
Logo detection  
Audio tags    
Speech recognition, keywords & bad language    
Shot segmentation     Included in every applicable analysis
Video categorization[?]     Included in every applicable analysis
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Video Insight Tools


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Subscription available for 199EUR per month

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Video Recognition API


Valossa Reports including Content Compliance, Brand Monitoring and more.

Video Insight Platform APIs

Face Training Gallery

Hosting of customer specific recognition models

Downloadable speech transcripts (.srt)

Metadata & preview video hosting

Custom keyword monitoring

Custom Models and Services

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Custom model creation

Integration support

UI modifications

On-premise installations

Dedicated video processing capacity


How does the pay-as-you-go billing model work?

How much does Image Recognition cost?

How much does Video Recognition cost?

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