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Regular Use

Buy Valossa Credits in packages for Regular Use. The prices shown are without VAT. Select a package to continue. (Service description)

Valossa Credits are the units of consumption when you analyze videos. The consumption of credits is based on your actual video minutes processed by the Valossa AI engine. Example: a video that is 3 minutes long consumes 3000 credits when being analyzed by the Core API. (Each beginning minute is counted, so a video with a playback time of 39min 20s counts as 40 minutes.) You can buy credits in packages, with a specific quota of hours worth of full Core analysis.

The more credits you buy at once, the cheaper is the unit price. Unit price is given as x EUR / one minute of video data.

Special Offers

Other packages

All packages include:

  • Full Core analysis
  • Inspect your results via Content Heatmap visualization
  • Optional Auto-Refill feature
Package Total Price (EUR) Unit Price (EUR / video minute) Capacity (video time to analyze) Selected

Enterprise Use

Do you need guaranteed analysis capacity with specific throughput levels, for example, the possibility to analyze X hours per month with server hardware dedicated solely for you? Please contact us and ask about Enterprise Use. (Service description)