Service description for Valossa Core API

Regular Use


Regular Use means accessing the Valossa Core API system through the Valossa Credit mechanism.

Validity of Valossa Credits

Valossa uses its best effort to maintain Regular Use during the lifetime of the Valossa Core API service. If Regular Use is being terminated by Valossa, Valossa will use its best effort to enable the consumption of remaining Valossa Credits. Valossa reserves the right to make any changes to Regular Use and to the validity of Valossa Credit.

Invocation of the service

The API is invoked using either the REST API (over HTTPS) or the helper page in the Valossa AI Developer Portal, which in the background accesses the REST API. The video files must be existing entire video files, not video streams. There are limitations regarding the size and other properties of the video files that can be accepted by the system. These limitations are described in the documentation or by some other means, or they may arise during the usage of the system for example in messages returned from the service to the customer.

The Valossa Core API enables the analysis of video files through a REST API endpoint provided by Valossa. The Customer can create job assignments through the API. The job assignments are placed into a processing queue, from which the Valossa AI service picks job assignments to be processed. When analyzing the video files, the system provides Valossa Core metadata as the result of the analysis. More details can be found in the API documentation.

Enterprise Use

Enterprise Use means accessing the Valossa AI system based on dedicated computing capacity. Please contact Valossa to discuss details of Enterprise Use for your company.